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Afowiri Fondzenyuy To Speak in United Nations Africa Forum on Displacement in Ghana

The United Nations Refugee Agency has invited Afowiri Kizito Fondzenyuy also known as the Toghu Marathoner to speak at the 2023 Africa Forum on Displacement in Accra Ghana.

The event, which is designed to find private sector solutions for displacements and crises in Africa, will have Afowiri speak about his humanitarian strategy and the journey as the Toghu Marathoner.

The Africa Forum on Displacements  is co-convened with the Amahoro Coalition and Inkomoko. It will also foster market-driven commitments that directly support displaced persons in Africa.

It will be attended by  private sector leaders, government officials, philanthropists, refugees, and humanitarian organizations who will work towards a common goal of championing an African private sector-led vision that will effectively tackle the displacement crisis across the continent.

Afowiri, who completed the Sydney Marathon last month, said that his marathon mileage is leading to better places.

“I have run in sixteen marathons with five of them majors, but this is something different”

“It’s a big honor for me and my North West Region of Cameroon origin means I am very familiar with the devastating effects of displacement crises” He said.

Having recently revealed that the Toghu outfit he wore for the Sydney Marathon was made by some internally displaced persons, Afowiri said that lending his voice at that big stage is something great for him.

“I want to especially appreciate the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and everyone who is putting the event together, Ghana I can’t wait”

“Knowing that my story can inspire a great deal of positive change will encourage me to keep running for the good causes and there is no stopping for me”

Having covered 673 km in 16 marathons, Afowiri Fondzenyuy is now known as the Toghu Marathoner for running marathons in Toghu, an outfit known to the People of North West Cameroon where he has earned the  Banso traditional title ‘Nformi Kile’ (General of Runners).

In Toghu, Afowiri has run four marathons with two of them (London and Boston) majors.

He has been running to raise money for the education of underprivileged children; research for autism; aides for ebola victims, construction of school blocks amongst others.

Afowiri said he will be running in the Tokyo Marathon which will have him complete all six world marathon majors; run five marathons in Toghu and complete marathons in four continents – Europe, North America.

He said that during the Tokyo Marathon, he will be raising money to have Internally Displaced Children go back to school and have good education.

He has also helped three out of the five who made his Sydney Marathon outfit go back to school, while the other two will follow after taking preliminary assessments because of their age.

He said he will keep running as long as his legs can still carry him and the next stop after Tokyo would be Antarctica.

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