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Tonny Phiz Under Dog EP

Analyzing Tonny Phiz’s “Underdog EP”: A Review of the Extended Play

Tonny Phiz’s Underdog EP makes its first appearance on streaming platforms on 14th of June 2020, Tonny Phiz is a very talented artiste whose music boasts of the use of traditional Nigerian percussion, combined with modern electronic elements, His vocal performance is charismatic and compelling, as he effortlessly switches between singing and rapping. Tonny Phiz music could be described as a fusion of Afrobeat and hip hop, his unique voice and distinctive style demonstrates his range and versatility as an artist. Prior to the release of Underdog, Tonny phiz had already put out two songs that had amassed thousands of streams. One of which is now featured on the Underdog EP “Good time” featuring Mohbad which has a video of over 65,000 views on Youtube and the other “Ur Mata” whose video is shot by award winning Boy Director (TG Omori).

The EP, “Underdog,” is a project that displays the artist’s range and potential as he released it in 2020. He pens a true life, love and hustling story of himself and others who have similar backgrounds as him. He iterates throughout the EP as seen on the track Omo adugbo which could mean ” my street people”. With a blend of Afrobeats, hip-hop, and R&B, the Extended play features collaborations with other talented artists such as Mohbad, Timzy, Jtunez and Blizzbrowse and also showcases Tonny Phiz’s versatility.

Yet again in 2022 Tonny Phiz released a deluxe version of the EP which includes additional three new singles, titled “Make I talk” , “Wait for you” and “Amina”. I describe this debut as intriguing tracks that weave together elements of street pop, Afrobeat, and contemporary Nigerian music. Vocal performance is one of the EP’s greatest strengths, as he skillfully navigates through different genres and styles with charisma and melody. The EP’s production is also impressive, with each track featuring polished and well-crafted instrumentals that highlight Tonny Phiz’s voice. “Wait for you” is a standout track with its infectious rhythm and catchy chorus, making it an excellent choice for radio play and playlists. Another highlight is “Amina,” which has a lively and energetic beat that will get you grooving and also tells a love story with a girl named Amina.

While “Underdog” features many strong tracks, the album could benefit from more focus and cohesion. The blend of genres and styles sometimes creates a lack of coherence as some core listeners of a particular genre may feel, and some tracks could benefit from tighter arrangements or more memorable hooks. In addition, some of the lyrics feel repetitive, with the album’s themes and messages sometimes coming across as vague.

In conclusion, “Underdog” is a promising debut album that showcases Tonny Phiz’s talent and potential. With its eclectic blend of genres and impressive vocal performances, the album is sure to appeal to fans of Afrobeats, hip-hop, and R&B. Although the album has areas for growth and refinement, “Underdog” is a diverse and ambitious project that sets the stage for Tonny Phiz’s promising career.

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