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Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix Ebony

BIOGRAPHY: Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix (Ebony) Biography, About & Networth

Who is Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix

Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix is a Nigerian preacher, Christian author, businessman, who’s popularly referred to as Ororo Emirate Prophet ,  and the founder of the Assembly Of Christ Crusader Ministry (ACCM) Worldwide, and presiding Prophet of the Imole Cathedral in Alagbado, Lagos State, Nigeria. The church is also known as Celestial Church of Christ.

Early Life:

Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix is from Ogun state , and he is born into the family of  Ven | Sup | Evang  Alebiosu
  • Date Of Birth: Jan 25th 1980
  • Current city: UAE & Georgia
  • State of Origin: Ogun state
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Marital Status : Married
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Email:
  • Social Media: ProphetAlebiosu
  •  Skills: Business management
  • Interests and hobbies : Music, Comedy, Preaching, therapy, & Reading
  • Religion- Christian
  • Affiliations – Imole Cathedral Church
  • Race- Black African

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Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix was born and brought up at lyana – Ipaja , Lagos State, Nigeria, he attended his primary education at Oki Primary School lyana – lpaja, Lagos, and his high school  was at Iganmode High School, Otta, Ogun state, He graduated at University of Ado Ekiti with  a Bachelor’s degree in
Business Administration and finished the program at the year 2002.

Alebiosu Abiodun Felix received divine calling and started Ministration in 2003 during the space of 2003 to 2006, he worked, learned and was groomed as a minister in God’s vineyard under Baba Owodunti and Oki Parish Alimosho, lyana – Ipaja.


He later went on to CCC SEMINARY in the year 2006 – 2008 after his pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 2006, then he also  attended United Bible Theology school in the year 2008 – 2010.

Alebiosu Abiodun Felix was appointed divinely as the Wolida at Imole Cathedral
Alagbado, Lagos State and  Wolida at District level (Abule  Egba to Sango Otta ) in the year 2006 – 2010.


He founded ACCM (Assembly Of Christ Crusader Ministry) in the year 2010 under Imole International Cathedral
Alagbado, Lagos State.

He was ordained as a Reverend at the year 2010 and went for his Master’s Program at APPLIED DIVINITY School, Ojodu in the year 2011, Alebiosu Abiodun Felix  was serving as a Shepherd at Imole International Cathedral and  later moved  to United Arab Emirates in the year 2017 and founded the FIRST CELESTIAL
Church of Christ Imole  International Parish AJMAN UAE in the year 2017.


In the year 2021, Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix founded another Imole International
Parish at Ikordun, Lagos state.

He then proceed to Georgia in the year 2022 and founded
The First  Celestial Church of (Imole International Parish)


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Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix, no doubt, is a well rooted man in CCC. He has paid his dues and rose through ranks before getting to his current position. He is well read, exposed and loved by all and sundry within and outside the CCC family. He is a prayer warrior. Prophet Alebiosu also has a very rich educational C.V. Having started his journey into God’s vineyard at a tender age.




Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix (Ororo Emirate Prophet) Jp. is founding pastor Assembly Of Christ Crusader Ministry (ACCM). Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix (Ororo Emirate Prophet) Jp. led the church for the first 8 years of its existence, moved away for 21 months, and moved by God, returned to ACCM to pastor once again. Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix (Ororo Emirate Prophet) Jp. remains a preacher and conference speaker focusing on the area of leadership both in the church and BEYOND.

Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix (Ororo Emirate Prophet) Jp. is the fifth of seven children born to Ven/Sup/Evg  S. A. Alebiosu Jp.  He believes in preaching and teaching the word of God, and just as importantly, he believes that we must “live” the word. Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix (Ororo Emirate Prophet) Jp. is a no nonsense, open and honest man of God and he is respected because of his “Do as I Do” and not as I say attitude.


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In a press interview  with the CEO of Dailytrendtv “Prince Fredoo Perry” Ororo Emirate Prophet quotes  “i was given several award, but the most important award i love most is the Celestial  Achievers Award i collected May 27th 2022,”

Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix (Ororo Emirate Prophet) Jp. was called as a preacher of the Gospel in January 2009 . Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix (Ororo Emirate Prophet) Jp. After being called as an ordained minister, led a number of ministries including Christian Education, Security, Music, and served as Executive Pastor until God led him to Pastor Imole Cathedral Church. Prior to his calling as a minister, he served as a member of the Deacon Board.Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix Ororo Emirate Prophet(Ebony) Jp. is a leader’s “leader” and has devoted himself to the betterment of man through the spiritual and educational process.

Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix (Ororo Emirate Prophet) Jp. served as a member of the United Bible University where he served for 3 years in various capacities. Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix (Ororo Emirate Prophet) Jp. has matriculated through a number of college degrees including Doctoral degrees (PhD) in Management and Religious Studies, a Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling, and a number of other academic accomplishments. Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix (Ororo Emirate Prophet) Jp. has completed a postdoctoral advanced degree in Leadership from United Bible University.

Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix (Ororo Emirate Prophet) Jp.




  • Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix Networth is $480,000
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