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Boi Heartless Freaky Freaky 1

Boi Heartless – Freaky Freaky

Nigerian musician and songwriter, Boi Heartless, whose real name is Eze Bright Sunday, releases his latest Afrobeats single, “Freaky Freaky”, The artist, known for his unique musical blend of Igbo and English, is making waves in the country’s music industry. Boi Heartless, a Port Harcourt native, is not only establishing himself as a prominent figure in the music business but is also making strides as an independent artist with his label, Heartless Records.

“Freaky Freaky” marks a significant step in his artistic journey, reflecting the result of dedicated skill honing during his time away from the spotlight. The artist’s debut into the limelight occurred in 2020 with the release of “Too Much,” a collaboration with fellow Port Harcourt native and renowned Nigerian artist, Idahams.

Boi Heartless’s distinct style and captivating melodies have since garnered attention, solidifying his position in the evolving landscape of Nigerian music. Boi Heartless promising a fusion of captivating beats and infectious lyrics that exemplify the rich tapestry of Afrobeats. Stay tuned for the unveiling of this latest hit that is sure to leave a lasting imprint on the music scene. Song was produced by the remarkable and talented producer Yo X.

Listen, Download and Enjoy Below:

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