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Damibliz defends Wizkid and Burna Boy against Tweeter Influencer

Damibliz, a Nigerian music artiste, have shunned an influencer who tried causing confusion between Wizkid and Burna Boy with his demonic wisdom.

Nigerian wannabe influencers, lacking creative sense end up looking for how to jam heads of celebrities just to make fame.

The influencer in this case who has no name but with handle @Ayooluwa_ET tried removing the love and harmony in the song ‘Ginger’ which brought Wizkid and Burna Boy together.

Although the song ‘Ginger’ is quite funny, especially the video; this shouldn’t call for either of them using the other.

According to this influencer, Wizkid used Burna Boy as backup singer for Ginger.

Reacting, the Peckham king tweeted, that people should stop putting artistes against each other, adding that that sky I big enough for everyone.

See the tweet below –


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