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DWP Academy and D Jay team up for smashing dance anthem ‘Feeli Free’ // @dwpacademyworld

A truly fun anthem made by certified boogie connoisseurs, ‘Feeli Free’ has all the perks of a surefire hit. Its catchy beat and vocals create a rush of enjoyment, ensuring aficionados experience no dull moment once it goes on blast. Between D Jay’s inviting hook: “Oh, show no mercy/It’s a vibe whenever we don’t watch nobody/Feeling free, I dey on my own, no long story. Don’t watch nobody,” are nuggets of wisdom from some of the crew’s well-known stars: Champion Rolie, Endurance Grand and Melissa; all of whom knock the ball out of the park.

‘Feeli Free’ reflects the Dance with a Purpose Academy’s desire to express themselves more freely and share their joy with fans this festive season. It is a welcome addition to its growing music catalog and amazing feats over the years. And as a group that has performed alongside A-list superstars like Beyoncé and Usher, the sky continues to be the limit. We can only imagine the latest dance craze to erupt from this banger.

What are you waiting for? Put your dancing shoes on and get ready to groove with the hottest Ghanaian crew. Produced by Lotus Beatz, ‘Feeli Free’ is available to stream in all music stores globally here:


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