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Dhee P Im Not Done Yet EO Artwork

EP: Dhee-P – I’m Not Done Yet

I’M NOT DONE YET” is a musical project from the fast-rising Nigerian artist Dhee-P, also known as “Tha Dragon,” who recently represented Lagos State as a contestant in the Goldberg Ariya Omoluabi Talent Show 2023.

As a regional finalist and Quarterfinalist, Dhee-P has garnered a substantial fanbase from viewers who closely followed his journey on platforms such as SoundcityAfrica Magic, and ONTV across the globe. Dhee-P also made appearances on the MTV Base NAIJA STREET COUNTDOWN and THE CODE TALK SHOW, airing on live stations and social media.

The concept behind “I’M NOT DONE YET” is not just an abstract idea, it’s about persistence, remaining relevant, and embracing the best moments in life.

In times of solidifying resolutions and redefining purpose, INDY stands as a testament to having bigger dreams to make life’s trials more bearable.

Dhee-P has released his second body of work, “I’M NOT DONE YET“; it’s not a fairy tale that will end in a few minutes, and certainly won’t conclude in just hours. I present to you a “TIMELESS PIECE” of me, a pouring out of my feelings and emotions through my art and craft.

Connect on Instagram: @_thadragon

Download, listen, and share your thoughts in the comments section below:


DOWNLOAD FULL EP: Dhee-P – I’m Not Done Yet (ZIP FILE)





1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dhee-P – Oju Eko


2. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dhee-P – Street Prayer II


3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dhee-P – I’m Not Done Yet


4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dhee-P – Ariya


5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dhee-P – Na Grace

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