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kobby rockz

EP: Kobby Rockz – Out of Ma Zone EP

Crafting the tales of being a new artist coupled with the musings of the Ghanaian industry into an 8-track body of work is rapper KobbyRockz.

Kobby Rockz is debuting with this aptly named Out Of Ma Zone EP, amid some awesome detailed production on this project that should well place him as one of the artists to lookout for in 2020.

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The Out Of Ma Zone EP takes you on a journey of where KobbyRockz started from, what he has been through coming up as an artist and the numerous challenges he was faced with.

Out Of Ma Zone track list:

1.      Out Of Ma Zone

2.      Adeɛ Akyen ft. Anonymox

3.      Sika Nti

4.      Harder

5.      Pablo ft. Anonymox, Sniper & Phyl

6.      I Mrs U

7.      Soa Kɔ Di ft. Tulenkey & Amerado

8.      Success

You get to experience a seamless connection whiles shuffling between tracks as the entire narrative of EP remains intact on each and every song.


Signed unto the RockzNation label, KobbyRockz’ body of work features some top artists and producers including Amerado, Tulenkey, Kayso, and Anonymox.

The ‘Out Of My Zone’ EP is available on all your favourite digital music outlets for download and streaming.

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