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Fredrick Lainz Dreams Come Through EP

Frederick Lainz – Dreams Come Through @Frederick_Lainz

Frederick Kenneth Andy (A. K. A) Lainz, is an Akwa Ibom state born recording artist and music producer who goes by the pseudo (MADscientist). He started an early career immediately he got into high school, freestyling and writing songs with his crew D16. 

After high school, Lainz went on with his dreams and kept working on his craft from his first ever release – “Kritikal” to his most recent single which was released in 2019 “Papers and Sticks”. Lainz has grown into a phenomenon on the microphone. He released his first studio album – “Faith or Fate” in 2017. 

At the moment, Frederick Lainz is battling prostate cancer and is releasing his 2nd Album – “Dreams Come True” as his way of raising funds for his surgery. The news of being diagnosed with cancer caught him by surprise and he is still in shock and under preparation for funds which will go in for his pro treatment, surgery and even post treatments. 

With so much to offer and prove not just to himself but the world in general, Lainz has always dreamed of being recognised in the music industry not just locally but internationally, and also winning lots and lots of awards home and abroad but this dream might just be another story of a dead would-be star if you don’t come to his aid either by donating and streaming his music.



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