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Gbetu Top 10 Nigeria Street Songs 1

Gbetu Top 10 Nigeria Street Songs – April 2019

Welcome to May.

There have been quite an unusual demand for Gbetu to put up Top 10 Countdown for Gospel Music, we will work on that hopefully from June, but a little prblem – most of the gospel bloggers are not under our affiliate because they always refuse to post our contemporary songs with flimzy excuse that they are strictly gospel bloggers, yet they send work to us and expect us to respond. 

In order to respond to our craving fans, since they are much more important to us, we would keep it on “Top 5”. So tell your bloggers, who are our affiliates to follow the simple rules below for possible selection.

Now, about April….

Top 10 Nigeria Street Songs for April 2019

1. Solidstar – Wena

Produced by KukBeatz

2. Medley – Dat Way 

Produced by Speroach

3. Ruffcoin ft RudeBoy – YatiYati

Produced by  Dbigswish


Produced by LUSSH

5. Olah DC – Grace

Produced by SP BEATZ

6. Upto Cee – Believe ft Tygafella 

Produced by Emlis P

7. Sky D – Stay With Me 

Produced by Northboi

8. Strategy – Kraw Kraw ft Upper X, Youngbone 

Produced by Strategybeat

P.S: These guys wer just having hell of fun in the studio

9. ….nill


How To Participate:

– Song must be sent via our Bloggers Affiliate (Audio not Download Link or Both)

– Song must come with artwork and well mixed and mastered.

– Song must come with name of Producer

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