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Green Baker X Ivory I – Jo Be

Green Baker and Ivory I collaborate on this brand new song titled Jo Be, under Highlight Music.

Adebayo Daramola popularly known as Green Baker was born into the family of Mr Jacob and Mrs Blessing Daramola, as the first child of the family, in the city of Ibadan. Green Baker, developed a passion for music at a very tender age, using two sticks of a broom to beat stool and used his right feet to hit the ground as a kick simultaneously. He was never discouraged by his parents.

Back in the days when Vinyl was still in vogue in Nigeria and also the days of audio cassette players, he does listen to all genres of music his father plays at home back then. That was the beginning of music appreciation in him. He was familiar with all kinds of sounds and knows the difference between each genre even at such tender age.

Don Williams, Christy Lane, Chief Ebenezer Obey Commander, King Sunny Ade, Bob Marley, Miriam Makeba, Orlando Owoh, Boney M, Jim Reeves, Jimmy Cliff, Alex O, Alex Zitto, Daniel Wilson, Sunny Okosun, ABBA were among the first set of musicians he grew up listening to. He listens to Fuji songs passively from his neighbors and listens to Rock and Hip Hop music on radio stations than in the city of Ibadan.

Green Baker has always had the desire to be a global musician. With all the difficulties he has faced in life as a man, he has never for once given up on his dream.

Ivory I on the other hand was born in the late 80s in the northern suburbs. Graduated sound engineering school, street university. Was working with many famous musicians all over the world, but one day decided to be a “Noob Saibot” and concentrate on music and not on a personality, that’s why he never showed himself.

Download listen and Enjoy!


DOWNLOAD Green Baker X Ivory I – Jo Be

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