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Joshy Black My Testimony

Joshy Black – My Testimony

Born on February 16, 1976, in Lagos State Nigeria, PROPHET. Odolo Olaniran Joshua, also known as JOSHY BLACK, is a renowned figure in the realm of faith and spirituality. As the overseer of The Strong Hand Of Jehovah International and a gospel singer, he intertwines his intercessory mission with the universal language of music to instill hope and joy in the hearts of believers globally.

PROPHET. Odolo Olaniran Joshua’s ministry extends beyond borders, where he serves as a steadfast intercessor and missionary, driven by the election of grace. Leading The Strong Hand Of Jehovah International and holding the position of Director at H.O.G.I, he actively works towards bridging cultures and disseminating the Word of God, earning him recognition in the global religious community.

In the realm of artistic expression, PROPHET. Odolo Olaniran Joshua, or JOSHY BLACK, stands as a notable gospel singer and songwriter. His popular songs, including “My Testimony”, resonate with audiences, offering solace and inspiration.

The convergence of faith and music in PROPHET. Odolo Olaniran Joshua’s life has not only provided comfort to those in need but has also given rise to The Strong Hand Of Jehovah International (T.H.O.G.I.M). This initiative, founded by PROPHET. Joshua, focuses on promoting gospel music and spreading messages of hope and inspiration.

For believers and music enthusiasts alike, the remarkable journey of PROPHET. Odolo Olaniran JoshuaJOSHY BLACK, serves as a testament to the transformative power of faith and music, leaving an indelible mark on lives worldwide.

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