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Little Feet Event Presents Uyo Womens Hangout 6th July

Little Feet Event Presents Uyo Women’s Hangout 6th July. RSVP: @davidpharmony Check! 👌 #UyoWomensHangout

Every now and then, most men have their ways of relaxing and letting out some steam, but most women have a particular routine of life style – house to work place, to worship place and back to the home. Some dare to say, “I will rest on Sunday?”, but do they really rest, with the kids and house chores to deal with? Those without kids have societal demands and pressures to deal with, and yea families too – nuclear and extended. 

Little Feet Event Presents Uyo Womens Hangout 6th July

Women’s hangout gives women that one day to breathe a little and give themselves a treat.
Meet old friends, make new friends, network your business by telling other women what you do, discuss burning issues that relate to women and finding solutions to it.
Dance and play games and reduce stress.
We have organized several editions in Nigeria and the women are looking forward to each edition.
I hope, the women in Uyo will do same, if not a better experience of the hangout. 
Looking forward to a gathering of women like never before, networking ascertained and fun event for the women nurturing happy families and homes. 
Contact details in the flyers for tickets purchase, event venue, time… 
T-shirts still in print.

Little Feet Event Presents Uyo Women Hangout 6th July

RSVP: P Harmony up on TwitterInstagram & Facebook Check!

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