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BADYOUTH Money Artwork

Music: BADYOUTH – Money | @badyouth__

“Money” swoops in as the latest addition to BADYOUTH’s unique blend of Afro-inspired songs. Following the release of his debut EP ‘’Master Groove’’ last year, it is a no-brainer to fans that the multitalented artist, songwriter and producer is his only competition.

His handiwork, which he dubs ‘’Master Groove’’ simply shines through his latest release in all glory.

Produced by CiQ and VT‘Money’ is a timely release that touches on the all-embracing power of money and the daily quest for it, offering a rhythmic experience bursting with unbridled energy. Like BADYOUTH’s previous releases, the song comes off as distinct and rests on a blend of Afrobeat and the francophone sound, Coupé-décalér.

Badyouth’s ‘Money’ is the weeknd’s chosen one and is up for listening here.



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