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Music: BayziQ – Felá

And here it comes, the song we’ve all been waiting for, the legendary tune in the history of Afro-Pop, titled FELÁ by BAYZIQ.

By experience he speaks, by inspiration its written, by passion he sings. . .
No doubt, FELÁ is a true reflection of human suffering & pain. Produced by Braynze, MixMastered @slur.Mix

We all look back in remembrance of the good old days when the legends, Icon & Afrikan Hero speaks & act, fighting for our freedom, hoping for a future that looks so green.

Its been years, sun rising & falling, season changing, innocents been killed & the unrighteous living. We all realize we live in injustice & strive for survival. While few escape & succeed, many are captured & destroyed.

F E L Á tells it all!
Download, Listen, Meditate, Feel the passion, Acknowledge the truth & Celebrate the Legend.


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