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Churemi – Babylon Lyrics Artwork

Music: Churemi – Babylon | Lyrics

Churemi is a powerful singer, emotive performer and creative songwriter whose roots are wide and deep in soul music, gospel, reggae, afropop, smooth jazz, raga, classical and blues. With experience as a Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Composer, Children and Teenager’s Coach and Girl-child advocate. She is a multi-talented faculty, evolving as the years go by into dynamic expressions of God’s wonder. Watch out for her!

Writer: Jo Churemi Efe-William – CHUREMI
Performer: Jo Churemi Efe-William – CHUREMI
Producer: Fidel William
Mix Engineer: Akinola Taiwo Emmanuel – SoundofTEAproduction
Fidel William – FidelMUSIC
Singers: Alex-Hart Joy A., Victor Chukwudi, Ekpo Mbuotidem – SUS10
Obioma Emmanuel Chinedu – Eujin
Photography: Marvelous Edwin – ED Marvy
Costume: Anasemi Anabel Chujor – DesignedyAOC




You’re risen but it’s time to get out of my life

Fall Babylon fall x2

Verse 1
Controlled by the system, oblivious to it’s wiles.
Not necessarily agreeing but conforming to its prime.
Man for man by man – Crash 42 class
On your hills always chasing the race.
Craving for survival.
Your worth’s banked on your achievements.
Ever aimed at being recognized.
The scripts that you play are but blue prints of lies.
Drafted to fit you into low corrupted bands.
The choice to choose from the options you initiate.
Man’s dream, to wake up and live and not grope for everything.
Man, here is thy power.
Again, in your hands.
From one man to another.
Here is blood shed for you.

Fall Babylon fall x4

Verse 2
Hatred and violence, nepotism.
Discrimination and war and religiosity.
Intolerance, slavery and rape and forced starvation.
Trafficking, genocide and sexual experimentation.
All mouths shut now open, tired of your opinion.
With blood on our sleeves we are the children of true freedom.
Fall Babylon fall
Fall Babylon fall
Fall Babylon fall

Fall Babylon fall x6

You’re risen but it’s time to get out of my life.
I see Zion riiiiiiise *whistles*
Zion rise, Zion rise
Spotless and whole, heeeeeeeeeeeehehehehei.

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