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Citybaze Be Myne

Music: Citybaze – Be Myne

Samuel Osemudiame Odeh known as Citybze Artistic, Born 02 – 08 -1992 in Lagos Nigeria. I went to Queen Care high school in Lagos, My mom brought me to Italy in January 2010 and in 2011 we moved to Stockholm Sweden where I studied a little bit of music then I came back to Italy again around 2019 to make afrobeat music because there were more Africans here in Italy than in Sweden. I’m based in Sweden but live in Italy at the moment because there are more African and Afrobeat inventions here in Italy.

I’m an instrumentalist. I play drums, keyboard, And I’m also a singer, rapper, composer and a songwriter. I write my own songs but I have never tried recording or making a demo until the year 2020. I took a step to go into music. I released my first single “Video and Audio” around “July 5th 2020” afropop Italian/English Named “Culo” more like a tweaking song just to get a little bit of attention since I was new in the game.

Listen, Download and Enjoy Below:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Citybaze – Be Myne

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