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Darule C21 Artwork

Music: Darule – C’21 (Confession’ 21)

Afolabi Abass popularly known as Darule with the username @iamdarule on Instagram talks about his struggle every year through his music, he’s been doing this since 2018 after he successful dropped Confession2018 and now which leads to this song “C21 (Confession2021)” which is all about struggle, about the pains of everyone out there that went through their darkest moment and still come out stronger and to those that are still going through their darkest moments not to give up but be hopeful.

Darule’s intention through this song is to let #Darulers, his cult following fanbase be able to talk about what they have been through and encourage people that are going through their darkest moments too so that they can know they are not alone and that, they can and will get over it as long as they don’t give up. Darule is using his own voice, and his experiences to talk about his darkest moment and a good moment to his lovely #Darulers #NoHopeLost

Connect On Instagram: @iamdarule

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