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Music: Dr Barz – Man Must Wack | @drbarzhimelf

Dr. Barz represents a form of divine creativity. He is simply defined as “The Creative God” who reveals thoroughly refined lyrical mysteries, like a prophet delivering his people.

He released an outstanding single in 2020 and It took us along during the deadly cascading, global COVID-19 pandemic; titled, “Corona Plandemic”. An apocalyptic track, envisioning his path of truth and pure idealism, unveiling the blind fold in his people’s eyes, with very strong semantic, lyrical examination.

The Creative God unveils, and he takes us on a new journey offering his deep musical transition. Yet very intriguing, as he brings the mind of cultural enthusiast to correlate; and feel their fascinating past in highlife, without lacking strides of innovation in creation.

The lyrics are like true stories, very meaningful to West Africans, even to their older generations and ancestors. “Man Must Wack”, is our current African situation, and Dr. Barz mends the creation strongly relating her experiences.

He expands and transforms his essence from the popular highlife icon – Parley Brown.Dr. Barz, is an undeniable creative god, who basks in creativity ever since he has been in the city of Port-harcourt, Nigeria. Reforming sounds, inducting his rap with fierce Hip-hop and Afro structural blends.

He really wants the entire world to relate with the African man and with a high street credibility tincture – “Man Must Wack”.

Listen, Download and Enjoy Below: 

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