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Music: Jamzi Kul – God Can Do

Jamzi Kul Aka EkpeAbasi is an RnB/AfroHighlife singer with songs of hope and motivation for the people out there.

The Superstar who came to limelight via his first hit Single “Nek Etighi”, a song released in 2012 with the popular Etighi “waist” dance from south south Nigeria.

Jamzi Kul is an inspirational singer whose songs motivate and give hope for positivity through inspiring lyrics in combination with beautiful tunes for your listening pleasure.

He has many songs to his name “Jamzi Kul” and the song GOD CAN DO happens to be a song for you and me to be hopeful in life that no matter the situation or oppressive conditions we go through, we should never forget that God is write there to see us through.

Jamzi Kul is not only a Music Superstar but also a Radio presenter/OAP with the name “EkpeAbasi” and has been nicknamed “Minister for Happiness” “Ette Inemesit 1 of Africa” “Sweet Boy on Radio” due to great entertaining, educative and informative contents via his Live radio programs.

The Jamzi Kul Aka “EkpeAbasi” has gradually become a household name in the broadcasting and entertainment industry south south/southeast Nigeria.

You can Follow him on all social media platforms with the name “Jamzikul” for Instagram, Facebook, thread, TikTok, YouTube channel and for twitter @iamjamzi.




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