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Keleya Chinedu

Music: Keleya – Chinedu

KELEYA, a Nigerian-British singer and songwriter, boasts an extensive musical journey, spanning from her early days singing in choirs to captivating audiences at open nights. Her artistic prowess is characterized by a distinctive fusion of Afrobeats, RnB, Pop, and Afropop genres. Drawing inspiration from her life experiences and emotions, Keleya perceives music as her most profound outlet, inviting others to join her on this compelling journey.

Born in Kaduna during the Sharira crises within a military Barracks, Keleya candidly discusses the challenges of her upbringing, marked by a lack of parental presence and stability. She shares, “I had a runaway mum, and a dad who was finding his feet and was hardly around. I was moved around frequently to different households,” shedding light on the profound impact these circumstances had on her perception of love during her formative years.

In her adolescent phase, Keleya reflects on the complexities of past relationships, attributing her struggles to an abundance of unreciprocated love. This narrative sets the stage for her inaugural song, where she channels her emotions and experiences into a poignant musical expression.

Life Is Beautiful.

Listen, Download and Enjoy Below:

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