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Music: KennyBass & MJ – Fire // @kennybass01

Two Notorious Gospel musik ministers on fire as they collabo for this amazing Hit Gospel track(FIRE) Kennybass says He Has Dominated the Gospel music Community for a longtime and wishes they win souls for Christ with this track…..I Have Dominion, That’s our Heritage in Christ…

Hallelujah somebodyAre u ready to dance????

You are bigger than the biggest,

You are Greater than the Greatest,

you are Higher than the Highest God.

Anytime that I call u,

you no dey fall my hand o,

that’s why ur ma true Godwen I think abt the things u do,

Wen I think abt the role u played, I no fit shouting ooo.


Yo are,

you re my fire,

the one I desire that’s why I call u God..


A game bury Hallelujah bury,

Agame bara Hallelujah bara eh,

A game bury Hallelujah buru,

bars Hallelujah bara,

Narekele eh eh2x

Verse two:

Every time that I call u,

u no dey fall my hand fall my hand o o o,

You are my redeemer,

you are my provider,

you my God of war you my all in all,

Jehovah Shama ahJehovah Shamah

Everybody say ey ey.

Everybody say oh oh.

If ur here wimme say U feel alright2  

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