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Music: Mark Asari – Alive

2023’s final moments are here. There are many things to be grateful for; being ‘Alive’ tops that list. This soulful offering from the talented singer is an ode to life and the beautiful opportunities it presents daily. Mark Asari and producer, Slic Vic are a match made in heaven. The UK producer’s catchy chord and drum progressions create a smooth runway of vibes on which Mark’s vocals soar. And, with minimalist lyrics to back it all up, best believe the multi-talented singer ensures this sing-along experience is a joy to partake in.

“This work of art [‘Alive’] is a celebration of life,” Mark said of his new release. “We often take waking up each day for granted and this song is a reminder of how fortunate we are to have an opportunity to correct our wrongs, show love to one another, forgive one another and of course, become better versions of ourselves.”

‘Alive’ is a wholesome blend of UK and South African music influences that will leave you feeling good and more appreciative of life’s simple gifts.

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