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Music: Mista Myles – Pull Up // @mistamyles_

You can never go wrong with a hustle story turned success – they just never get old, which is why Mista Myles’ new song is a surefire one. He leans into a celebratory mode, embodying a larger-than-life persona that has him reflect on overcoming life in the trenches and seeing some of his biggest dreams come to life: “I used to pray for days when I go see my mama ball/Whole gang on tour, a win is a must. Success is my crush.” But of course, the talented singer keeps things stylish and fresh – just as he did on his previous single ‘Toxic Love’, fascinating listeners with a swagger that softly distills his go-getter success story into digestible party-flammable lyrics.

The real fun also lies in the WebbieJustDidIt production that wipes the slate clean for Mista Myles to do his magic with a wholesome mix of percussion instrumentals signature to mainstream Amapiano music. ‘’This one’s good vibes only. I’m grateful for how far I’ve come and I wanted to give myself big props for achieving this status, thanks to hard work and the support from my label and fans’’, Mista Myles shared with a close source.

Coming in as his second release of the year, ‘Pull Up’ proves the Mimlife Records artist isn’t backing down from the limelight yet and is ready to continue dropping tuneful songs for as long as possible.

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