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Oga Sir If You Wan Shoot Shoot Dont Talk

MUSIC: Oga Sir – If You Wan Shoot, Shoot Don’t Talk [Ikpa Udo & Supersonic Blaze Diss]

C-in-In-C Lyrical4ces, Oga Sir the multi-talented lyricist, has taken the music industry by surprise as he drops a Diss Track for two of his close Friends Ikpa Udo and Supersonic Blaze titled “If You Wan Shoot, Shoot Don’t Talk”.  
This is coming owing to the Beef the Maximum Disturbance Entertainment’s front-man Ikpa Udo shared with Supersonic Blaze the 085 Entertainment Boss shared on social media last week.
Apart from the length of the title of the song, what seems to be amazing is how one person can assume he has enough ammunition to invite two Rappers to Battle at the same time. It’s Otyno On The Beat / Mix’D On The Mix.
VERSE 1Damn Ikpa Udo, damn Supersonic Blaze/ Me I no fit hold am, I just dey laugh una funny ways/ Na Facebook una dey drag una Money case/ Studio dey una, Ja Comot for this place/ 

Abi una dey crase? Carry microphone burst/ I sabi rap, but na wahala I no want bros/ Shut up your mouth! Wahala wey una Don cause/ Na una draw battle line una no want cross/

Last time I check, na una dey claim Rapper/ Why una dey carry play come the Game baba/ See you can blow below the belt, you can aim higher/ Anything you do give us mp3 or wave nangha/ 

Na the way baba, I no fit lie you/ Anybody post up again, wow be tie you/ More lines than the Holy Bible/ Try me and see, don’t be asking what will I do/
HOOKOmo! If You Wan Shoot, Shoot Don’t TalkJust Shoot Don’t Talk
VERSE 2Shebi una be recording artistes? Gimme one/ Just do make I become Oliver Twist/ Gimme some punchlines make I forgive at least/ Gimme pure bars but no go dey copy my tweets/ lol

Yeah I know say you sick, you got flows? Make your lines dope pass your ridiculous posts/ And If you like, no go sit and compose/ Level playing ground but all the ball be hitting one post/ 

Now Ikpa Udo dey form boss, Supersonic Blaze elder/ Mohammed Ali and Tyson, I’m Mayweather/ Ain’t nobody excused, don’t want any excuses/ Like omo! We no get time, we dey chase cheddar/

You got your rep at stake, Street cred at stake/ It’s not about how many Hennessy your Head can take/ We want see how really bad somebody’s head can ache/ And we be watch every step y’all take/
HOOKOmo! If You Wan Shoot, Shoot Don’t TalkJust Shoot Don’t Talk.


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