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Music: Ola Pumpin – Ohemaa ft. BADYOUTH & Qwamihopekid

Rising Nigerian artist, Ola Pumpin teams up with BADYOUTH and Qwamihopekid for a catchy
new number that captures his astonishment for Ghanaian women in an open letter to his
‘Ohemaa.’ Stream or download ‘Ohemaa’ across all major digital platforms here:


Many months ago, Ola Pumpin completed his switch from Nigeria to Ghana in a quest to refine
his music and escape the former’s saturated Afrobeats scene. Now, he’s mesmerized by the
beauty of their stunning women and he’s never looking back. And what better way to relay this
affection if not with a graceful new tune?!

‘Ohemaa’ is a smooth and irresistible Afrobeats jam that, like a boomerang, will have you return
for another round in just 3 minutes. Ola Pumpin’s flair and sweet nothings instantly captivate as
he serenades his newfound Ghanaian Queen. The Nigerian rap artist, however, is not alone. He
is joined by BADYOUTH and Qwamihopekid, whose candied vocals uplift the song’s aesthetic
to help deliver an experience that will soar on playlists and radio.

This is not the first time Ola Pumpin has impressed Ghanaian fans. In July, he released ‘Dnd,’
an equally smooth piece of music that showcased his versatility and potential to be a prime
Afrobeats artist. He is one of the emerging stars of the Nigerian music scene and he hopes to
make a mark on its now-global genre from the shores of Accra, Ghana.


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