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Music: Olive Odije – Shine on Me

“Shine on Me” by Olive Odije is a highly spirited song borne out of hunger and thirst for the deepest experiences of God. With a pure vocal dexterity, Olive brings out the revelational sparkles that will cause the break out of the splendour of God’s glory and grandeur.

About Olive Odije
Olive Odije was born to sing and throughout her life, that’s exactly what she does, bringing joy with every performance. She has a flair for ministering the good news where ever she finds herself via her music. She has uplifted spirits through her performances over the years.

Blessed with an unmatched stage presence and an infectious, almost irresistible charisma, her selflessness and easy availability are legendary.

With a heart on fire for God and an admirable willingness to serve, she largely enjoys the joy of personal ministry while allowing God to work on making her a more effective vessel.

She’s currently working on her Debut Album, Little Bits of Heaven, that expresses her reckless abandon in worship.

Download, listen and share with family and friends. It will surely be a source of inspiration and joy for you.


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