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FATPHARM is a singer & a versatile songwriter, he’s not a newcomer in the music industry. According to him” PHANTOM OF FATPAHRM MASK is an open expression of my artistry on how I can make so much beautiful music ” after having a long run in the music industry, he’s decided to recreate an official sound for himself by working on releasing a very much creative body of works which will define his stand in the music world.
PHANTOM OF FATPAHRM MASK  is his debut album ” Phantom of Fatpharm” an instant fan favorite that flushes with feel-good vibes and a catchy repetitive hook that will easily stick to the lips, mind & heart. This song exposes Fatpharm in a new light, projecting his versatility and establishing him as an excellent artist overall. He is a superstar ready to finally take over the music scene with his sound

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