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Osarhueheme by Queen Imade Ft. Eric Ogie

Music: Queen Imade – Osarhueheme Ft. Eric Ogie

Queen Imade, an international gospel music artiste, releases an inspiring and soul-stirring track titled “Osarhueheme,” which translates to “God has done it for me.” Teaming up with the immensely talented Eric Ogie, this captivating collaboration showcases the power of faith and the resilience of the human spirit.

Through her angelic vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Queen Imade takes listeners on a spiritual journey, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, God’s grace and love can transform our lives. With its uplifting melodies and powerful message, “Osarhueheme” serves as a beacon of hope and a testament to the miracles that can occur when we wholeheartedly put our trust in God.

This extraordinary release from Queen Imade is destined to touch the hearts of believers and non-believers alike, bringing comfort, inspiration, and a renewed sense of faith to all who listen.

Produced by Freeborn Strings


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