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Music: RYLTY – Replay

Having a wild imagination beats raw talent and RYLTY (though not lacking the latter) manifests this mantra: “As someone who is an indoor baby, it’s easy to get lost in my thoughts and dream-up scenarios. Time alone is always an opportunity to explore my emotions”, she says. It seems RYLTY can make any moment feel like an epic poem of pain, love or anything in-between. Her ability to hit listeners’ soft spots is one to kill for. And if you somehow missed her bold yet bittersweet debut, ‘Non Stop’, it’s time to play catch up.

Her second single, ‘Replay’ is another instance of this: “The inspiration for my new song came from a scenario I imagined: locking eyes with a stranger in the club and feeling an instant connection. He’s stealing glances while I rock the dancefloor with my curves, and I can’t take my eyes off him either. I beckon him to get closer and things get hot, if you know what I mean? It [‘Replay’] is about the thrill of meeting someone new and feeling attraction”.

Although a figment of her imagination, the feelings RYLTY expresses on ‘Replay’ are from the soul. In her vulnerability, she sings, “So baby come closer, make me get your closure now-now/Spirit taking over, make me lose composure now-now / I’m different when I’m sober, wait till it’s over now-now”. Her electrifying vocals intrigue as she switches between Alté, Afrobeats and Dancehall vibes to create something catchy that reflects her diverse musical influences. Zodivc-the producer with whom she collaborates – enhances this performance with smooth piano melodies and dynamic grooves that give it a dreamlike quality. ‘Replay’ is a beautiful contrast to the singer’s previous release and is a refreshing song that deserves your attention.

RYLTY (pronounced ROYALTY) is the stage name of Juliusina Osberta Addo, a Ghanaian-Togolese singer-songwriter new to the industry. Growing up on her parents’ musical tastes – Reggae, RnB and Pop – she developed a liking for singing. In 2017, she took a step to start making music but only recently released her official debut, ‘Non Stop’ – which received rave reviews online. Now finding her style in an often-sensual fusion of Reggae, Dancehall, Pop and Afrobeats, RYLTY is ready to capture audiences with intense vocals that will cause a stir in the Afrobeats, Alté and RnB scene.

‘Replay’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here


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