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MUSIC: Sean Dampte – Jejely

‘Jejely’ by Sean Dampte, takes more than an elbow room in the Afro-fusion genre.

Owning an experimental voice is one of the biggest assets any musician can have, especially from Africa.

Sean Dampte on Jejely brings forth an entirely different experience from the variety of sounds that his discography presents.

His intentional choice to be vulnerable can also be highlighted in this single piece of work as some elements of the foreign Amapiano kicks show up for the first time on Sean’s dish.

Jejely will be taking more than a little elbow room in the afro-fusion genre that Sean Dampte is known to originate. Heralding an upward shift, as popular songs cascade down the charts, this gentle bully will soon become a lifestyle as music lovers sway to what is bound to become a steadfast anthem in a few weeks.

Having consumed the literature of the track, which is always pure and served in its most natural context, Sean authored each line of this new joint with so much suave that it allows his ease to be passed alongside the message. 

The vibe forever blazing luminously through different cultural cores, while the tempo continues to keep its promise of never getting to the point of noisemaking.

Jejely by Sean Dampte is an all-season masterpiece that will be taken with us from this year into the next one and the years to come.

A little experiment required of listeners is to sit back with a glass of wine, having somewhere at the back of their minds that “the older the berry…” you know what they say about the rest. 

This song you are about to preview is an evergreen song. Enjoy!




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