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shika dromma most high God

Music: Shika Drommo – Most High God

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Press Release:
Shika Drommo, the first of five children, was born in Cleveland, Ohio to lovely parents who hail from West Africa, Ghana.
She loves to worship Yahweh through music. She started singing at the age of five and moved to write her own songs at the age of 16. At the age of 18, her pastors and elders at Legon Interdenominational Church encouraged her to join the Praise and Worship team where she was groomed and trained to do more with her gift because they saw the call of God on her life. She was further given many opportunities to sing solos at worship services.
Shortly after joining the team, she had a burning desire to worship and praise God and lead others in doing the same.
So many times she had encounters mostly in dreams of herself singing to different tribes in different nations.
By the age of 23, the call upon her life to spreading the Gospel through music and to enhance the worship experience for the body of Christ was evidently strong. Over the past two decades, she has served in different cultures and on the continents of Africa, Europe, and North America as a Praise and Worship leader in different churches. She has also been very active in church ministry through preaching, leading prayer teams, and serving in the children’s ministry and ushering department.
Her ongoing mission is to keep writing heaven-class songs that will connect the heart of God’s people to Him. Her goal is to own a renowned worship academy ( Drommo Music Inc.) that will mentor and train upcoming worship leaders. The philosophy behind all her writing activities is the same … “everyone, no matter who they are and where they come from, should be encouraged, empowered, and edified from the power of the written word through music.”
To further understand the call upon her life, listen to her music. It says it all.
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