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ukoke ekong

Music: Uche Jonathan – Uko K’Ekong

God spoke to the children of Israel in the face of battle to “stand still and know that He is God”. He fought their battles and gave them victory.
Why do we fear, forget, worry, and be frightened when we have a mighty and Powerful God who told us that there is no need to fight?

In the midst of chaos, struggles, and fierceness, we are assured that we are not in combat with the devil because he was defeated and stripped of his power on Calvary’s tree 2000 years ago.

All we need to do is stand still and watch the Monarch of the universe faith our battles while we win.

The song Uko k’Ekong by Uche Jonathan is an Ibibio word which means “Mighty in Battle,” came as an inspiration from God to give hope to men who have fallen and are wounded in life’s battle. Building their faith to trust God enough to make them conquerors in all areas of life.

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