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Valderine Charlton Ft. Churemi The Kingdom 1

Music: Valderine Charlton – The Kingdom Ft. Churemi

Valderine Charlton is a talented and passionate songwriter, her inspiration comes from the experience of caring for people as a professional nurse. She is a soulful songwriter who writes about peace-keeping as against war, love, good morals, the gospel and so much more. Her songwriting skills birthed some music like, “Long Way Home”“Go To Sleep”“Happy Birthday”“I Deserve Better”, and now – “The Kingdom”.

She decided to make songwriting more professional, writing a full-blown song, and today, these songs are accessible on all music streaming platforms. However, you can’t talk about Valderine and her new song “The Kingdom” without mentioning a very Special singer and the voice of this song – Churemi.

Churemi is a powerful singer, emotive performer and creative songwriter whose roots are wide and deep in soul music, gospel, reggae, afropop, smooth jazz, raga, classical and blues. With experience as a Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Composer, Children and Teenager’s Coach and Girl-child advocate. She is a multi-talented faculty, evolving as the years go by into dynamic expressions of God’s wonder. Watch out for this one!

Writer: Valderine Charlton
Performer: Jo Churemi Efe-William
Producer: Fidel William
Mix Engineer: Daniel Inyang – Dantonio
BOOKINGS: Fidel William (+2348050514581)

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