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“Music written from the heart hits differently” A REVIEW OF Davido’s TIMELESS ALBUM by Jamin

Mr Peter Benjamin Peter is a Poet, an Immigration Officer and a general critique of the Arts who maintains general expressiveness on matters of entertainment and over the years has become an authority to reckon with… concern the much talked about Davido’s album, the writter had this much to say…
“Music written from the heart hits differently. And that’s what majority of the songs on the Timeless album are – written from the heart.
Let’s talk about some of the sounds in no particular order
1) NA MONEY (featuring Anjelique Kidjo & The Cavemen):
This track defines madness. How do you bring legendary Kidjo to sing “She tell me say”… And she blended in so perfectly. You would have expected her in those tracks that talk about nature or serious stuff…but no, na “she tell me say” dem bring her in.
Afrobeat is just rewriting every philosophy of music. The Cavemen too were just too good as always.
Ova Dem tells a story of the hate he’s receiving from people he used to be close to..He reminds us that his name is David, and no Goliath can stand.
In Godfather, Davido tells you he has men, and all his men are made (ballers). He trusts in them, and that makes him a GODFATHER
4) BOP:
BOP is that party jam that will take over immediately…This song was produced for the tweakers and bumbum shakers
‘E pain me o’ was the first of the album I heard. A song for the heartbroken is supposed to be a sad tone, but this one will get you dancing as you remember the pain.
6) LCND (Legends can never Die):
In LCND, David spoke about the death of his guys and then said “I just wan flex this life, before I leave this life. Legends can never die. Shooting up for the stars. I told you from the start…dem no fit play my part”
7) The voice of MUSA KEYS in UNAVAILABLE is something else. That voice is unavailable anywhere else. Where David carry that guy from?
😎 NO COMPETITION featuring Asake was the perfect way to end a perfect album. Surely, this album has no competition.
I wish I could pick one track over 17, but permit me to single out two. They’ll definitely be LCND (Legends Can Never Die) and NA MONEY featuring Anjelina Kidjo & The Cavemen.
©Peter Benjamin Peter
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