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News: Black Alliance Unveils Cover Arts and Other Details of Forthcoming Album

After due consideration of proffessional recommendations, the Pop Duo decided to push back their plans of rolling out an Ep and opt for a full Album…

In a recent post made by Mr Sors through his media Handle, the Album tagged “Fantasies Expectations And Realities” (F.E.A.R) is a project that will make up for all the times their presence wasn’t prominent in the scene.

The Rapper wrote ” with contributions from Five (5) Producers and Over 31 Songs Later (F.E.A.R) the Album Is Ready, It’s Now A Matter of How Many Songs We Wanna Put Out but Trust Me It’s Gon Be Good Music All through… The Black Is In the Building!!!

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Based on clips shared so far it is believed the Album has production credits from Maslee, Astra and some other top beat makers within the south sphere.

One Thing sure is, The Pop Duo are confident their craft won’t fall below expectations as Sors was recently quoted saying ”

“This Will Be One of the Best Album you Will Ever listen to, I Put My Money Where My Sound Is”


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