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CRBC staff poisoned to dead in Calabar

News: CRBC Staff Poisoned To Death in Calabar

A staff of the Cross River Broadcasting Corporation, CRBC, identified as Mr Celestine Eno, has been allegedly poisoned to death in Calabar, the state capital.

Mr. Eno, who works in the Account Department, CRBC and later reposted to the Ministry of Health, met his untimely death on Friday morning when he alighted from a taxi and was calling for help at Ekorinim Bus stop by First Bank, off Murtala Mohammed Highway, Calabar.

Eno who is from Mkpani in Yakurr local government area of the State, according to eyewitnesses, was seen begging for palm oil while substances suspected to be food particle gushes out of his mouth.

“He was dropped from a taxi and laid by the road side demanding for palm oil while substance gushed out of his mouth as onlookers gather and stare in horror. Nobody knew what really happened to him, but I suspect it’s poison”, Ekeng Inyang said.

Another witness, Ud Ofem by name said, “On my way to work this morning, I met this scene by my bus stop, at First Bank, Ekorinim Branch, a very matured, responsible man lying breathless with foam coming out of his mouth.

“I hung around, nosing for the identification of the man and those who saw him earlier said he dropped from a taxi and was asking for palm oil, while he cringed in pain on the ground. So everyone is suspecting poisoning, but on further inquiry from his town’s man I met at the scene, he confirmed the deceased has a case of very High Blood Pressure”, she said.

Our Correspondent further learnt that the deceased was lying helpless as no one was ready to assist him. “I just passed there and can’t help but weep for Nigerians. Can’t they assist in rushing him to the hospital? I asked. Everyone was just standing there watching like television”, Billy Ekoh, another witness said.

PARADISE NEWS further learnt that Eno was rushed to the hospital and later died there.

A staff at the CRBC confirmed the information to PARADISE NEWS, adding that, “We are yet to know the cause of his death, whether poison or High BP, but the office will do everything at it might to investigate the cause of Celestine Eno’s death”.

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