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News: General Odey Publishes first book on marriage “12 Commandments”

Uyo-based comedian Idika Odey, popularly known as General Odey has just released his first book into the global space, the book tittled “12 Commandments for Every Husband” is a practical marriage guide for already married men, and intending husbands.

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This well-respected comedian and talent manager, who has a passion for public speaking and talent development, brings his unique perspective to bare on the matters of marriage and relationship. His clean and inspirational approach to content creation sets him apart, making him a sought-after compere or resource person at couples dinner, men’s conferences and relationship seminars.

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In his maiden book, Idika Odey provides husbands with a valuable resource to avoid common mistakes in their marriages by emphasizing the importance of communication, trust, and emotional support, Odey helps husbands understand the consequences of their actions and offers practical strategies for improvement. “The 12 Commandments for every husband” is a must-read for husbands looking to build stronger, more fulfilling partnerships with their spouses.

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Today is the official launch/release of this amazing book, so why not take out time to have a feel of this authors delight, support the multi-diversity of General Odey, He is indeed a General. Comedy General, music General and now a writing General.

Please Use the link below to launch as many copies as possible

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Thank You and God bless you
Sifon Odey
Chief Editor.

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