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News: Ibibio Indigenous Rapper “Ikpa Udo” Bags A Multi Million Naira deal with Hero

Being one of the Nigerian brands prominent with support for creatives of the South, with a rich collection of South East prominent Stars, Hero Lager Beer has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Akwa Ibom’s finest Indigenous Rapper Nsidibe Sunday Ukim, a.k.a Ikpa Udo, “One of the frontline artistes in Nigeria’s entertainment industry doing the country proud in the area of promoting indigenous contents using his native Ibibio language as an Akwa Ibom born.

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“The multi-million naira deal with the rapper, Ikpa Udo will have him collaborate elements of the brand into his craft, to further propagate the HERO brand and what it stands for, which is celebrating originality.

“Hero Lager Beer is a brand that recognizes and rewards the real worth and hard work of talents.
“We have followed your music journey throughout the years and admire your tenacity and hardwork. As a brand, we recognize the hero in you” the offer partly stated.

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“That said, in line with HERO brand purpose and in a bid to support budding talents, HERO will be kicking off a music project, tagged HERO MUSIC. The project will have carefully selected music talents under one roof for weeks, to create artistic works inspired by HERO,and subsequently embark on a tour of 4 cities in Nigeria to be announced at a later date,” TBN stated.

However, the release from Ikpa Udo’s team signed by Nelson NseAbasi, stated, “it is important to note that this does not in anyway affect booking of Ikpa Udo for events within the period, especially Easter, Ramadan and subsequently swearing-in ceremonies…


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