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Niashun’s delivers promising debut single ‘OK’ cc @addi_niashun

Niashun finally lets loose his first official song and as far as good first impressions go, he’s nailed it. ‘OK’ is Niashun’s new song – an Afrobeat beauty poised to fling Accra’s newest sensation into a whole new level of prominence. No doubt. His uplifting message, lilt and preference for a choralesque refrain easily creates an atmosphere that’s explosive. And we like it.

There’s a lot to expect from the aspiring Afrobeat champion in the months ahead and with ‘OK’ now out of the way, we can only wonder, what’s next for him?

Get a hang of Niashun’s fusion of uplifting vocals and beautiful harmonies on the Mac Heymann-produced song here:


Instagram: addi_niashun
Twitter: @addi_niashun
Facebook: Addi Niashun

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