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Rotimo Surrenda Remix art

Rotimo ft. Mystro – Surrenda (Remix)

The Surrenda remix was inspired by the success of the original song. Rotimo created a Surrenda Challenge which captivated a significant audience from various parts of the world (particularly in Nigeria) and got them dancing. This inspired Rotimo to record a remix in his motherland with a local artist over there. He flew out to Nigeria and whilst out there, he was introduced to Mystro by the renowned Afrobeats influencer, Shopsydoo.
Mystro had been enjoying tremendous success from his single, ‘Immediately’ featuring Wizkid which went viral on social media when Kanye West was featured on video dancing out of control to the song. They both hit the studio, got to work and had a great couple of recording sessions to create the remix.
Mystro produced and featured on this remix which keeps some lyrical elements of the original song but with many unique lyrics and melodies of it’s own. With carnival like chants of ole ole ole and the African production, it sets the mood for a very joyous Surrenda.


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