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Mr Sors of BRL

“Showing Love will get you Killed in this Industry” Mr Sors narrates betrayal ordeal from Label mate

With fans reactions to their inevitably notable absence from scene, the front line act of Rap Duo Black AllianceMr Sors has made an insightful revelation citing betrayal and backstabbing by Label mates as contributing factors to the slow in progression of their brand and plan executions…

In a Social media post later deleted by Rapper, Mr Sors states…. “In Coming days we will be showing you guys why we had to take some steps back from the Den of Hypocrites, some betrayals are hard to Overcome but pain makes you stronger…” he went on to attach the damaging mails sent out by members of his circle seeming to have emanated from” Astra” the label producer as seen below…

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IMG 20221209 WA0000IMG 20221209 WA0002IMG 20221209 WA0003

In a close chat with Southjamz press men, the Business mugol disclosed his team members, some of whom lived rent free with them and enjoyed outright care and wardrobe allowances went behind them to attempt black-painting their brand and plans to their partners and some of their project sponsors…
While leaving his reactive plan to this evil yet unknown the rapper was very articulate “there will be consequences, and Betrayers will not go unpunished”

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