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Simply Gabriel Kele Ya Thank Him

Simply Gabriel – Kele Ya

Many times as humans, we tend to think about the things that didn’t go right for us, thingswe’ve lost or even things that could have been better if only we had our plans all worked outas intended, thereby losing sight of the numerous simple (tangible and intangible) butbeautiful things of life that we have been blessed to enjoy.Something I am sometimes guilty of, just like the others…

But as a Christian I believe that the blessings of God are accessible to everyone and evenmore so to those who believe and trust in him.This is what inspired the song Kele ya.It reminds us of God’s blessings upon those who trust him and encourages us to give himthanks always no matter the circumstances.I hope Kele ya ministers and inspires you into an outburst of praise and thanksgiving to theLord, the ultimate blesser and giver of all good things.Kele ya!


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