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Singer & songwriter Abiola Cruise speaks about his EP and future plans in an Interview

Ogastreet: Let’s meet you sir.

Hello, I’m Abiola Cruise

Ogastreet: what inspired you to make music

I’d say Growing up with parents who are music lovers, they listened to different genres and different artists. From Michael Jackson to Bob Marley’s Reggae music to Ayuba, Barristers Fuji music And even Celine Dion’s soul captivating renditions. So that really made me fall in love with music and it’s stuck with me. Singing started when I joined my church choir, and formed different acapella groups..

Ogastreet: How long have you been in the music industry?

For about 6 years now

Ogastreet: What kind of music do you do?

I majorly make Afro pop. But In definition I’d say my sound is well balanced, it has a bit of everything in equal proportions. Feel good, conscious and thoughtful melodies that take you through a range of emotions, one minute you’re holding your chest and in your feelings from hearing lyrics so deep and conscious reaching for and healing your soul and the next you’re thumping your feet and lifting your soles to the rhythmic movement of the uplifting energetic vibe that follows.

Ogastreet: Who would you love to collaborate with?

Bro, the list is quite long. lol. But I’d love to work with every major act making music in Nigeria today. You know the OGs, Wiz, Wurld, Burna and OBO of course, along with some young acts making waves these days, you know Ruger, Buju and Zino..

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Ogastreet: What else are you into apart from music?

Honestly, Music is my major focus. I put all my eggs in the music basket cause it’s what I enjoy doing the most and what I’m most passionate about.

Ogastreet: Which and when did you drop your first single?

I dropped my first single sometime in August 2016. The song is called ‘dance with me’,

Ogastreet: If I am to compare your music with any known artist, who would that be?

I like to think of my sound as a breath of fresh air because there’s no actual side by side comparison with any current or past act. However, the way I sing is influenced by wizkid, Wurld and Burna boy..

Ogastreet: What would you say about the Nigerian music industry?

Honestly, I’d say it’s competitive and kind of ‘cut throat’ because people move on quickly to the next best thing once they sense an act is becoming complacent and/or repetitive.. I believe to make it and stay relevant in the industry, one needs dedication and consistency to list a few..

Ogastreet: Are you impressed?

By the talent in the industry or the industry itself? Yes I am, I believe the Nigerian music industry has completely evolved to the point that music industries in other countries refer to our acts and our industry as ‘international’ so that’s a big deal…

Ogastreet: What has been your greatest obstacle in the music business?

I’d say growing a fan base because honestly people like what they like and getting them to like what they’re not yet used to is tricky, but I think I’ll hack it. I enjoy the challenge of pushing myself to the point of making a national and globally recognized music…

Ogastreet: Any achievement?

No public recognition yet, but I’d count my day to day growth as a singer and songwriter as one lol..

Ogastreet: Any recent project?

Yes, My First EP Rhythm and Cruise was released on all major platforms earlier this year.. So, pls check it out..

Ogastreet: Tell us more about your recent project.

Rhythm and Cruise is my first body of work ever. It is exactly as the title implies, a compilation of cheerful, rhythmic and heartfelt Melodies that energizes one’s soul 😊

Ogastreet: When should we expect this project on the street or is it already out?

It’s out on all platforms.

Ogastreet: What’s your dream and where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Hopefully as a major player in the Nigerian and international music scene. Making great music and positively impacting my generation..

Ogastreet: Are you in any relationship currently?


Ogastreet: What is the most useless talent you have?

I can hold my breath for two minutes if that counts lol.

Ogastreet: Any last word?

Yeah, listen to Rhythm and Cruise and Follow me on social media .., IG @cruisewtf__ TikTok @cruise_wtf …. Also follow me on Audiomack @CruiseWtf…

Ogastreet: Nice talking with you

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