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Distance SM

Sofie & Matthew James Hemmer let sparks fly on new song ‘Distance’

Sofie and Matthew James Hemmer’s new Alternative R&B song plays like a catch-up session between the two – portrayed as ex-lovers reconnecting months after their split.

But there’s no confessions nor regrets, just a sense of their breakup’s resolution and a chorus that points to Sofie’s reservations about the two: “Something don’t feel the same/I don’t really need this distance/You’ve been pushing me away/Don’t even know what you’re missin’ (2X)”. Matthew’s end of the conversation isn’t any different. He brings much closure to their time together, ending: “And if you thinking about me, honest it’s not mutual”.

The new song comes off as very inviting, with Sofie and Matthew sounding their best while beautifully parading that authentic post breakup ego over a sweet production base propped by Mahima Joshi’s electric guitar strings.

‘Distance’ produced, mixed & mastered by Matthew James Hemmer.


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