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THETIMO Drops a New Anthem, Sisé (Work) 

Tímo is a young Nigerian Singer and Songwriter, with about 20 songs and 1 album to his credit, by God’s grace. He sings as the Spirit leads him to be a blessing to humanity and does this skillfully with an unprecedented vocal range and a distinct Afrocentric Urban sound.

His song, Sisé (which means Work), was initially released on Oct 1st, 2021 with a warm reception. However, THETIMO’s strong desire for excellence and a determination to give his beloved fans his very best is the reason why he revamped it to make the sound best and worthy of God’s great gift in him.

Sisé revamp is released on May 1st on Workers’ Day Anniversary to celebrate and honour all those working hard and smart out there, to make ends meet and making this our world a better place.
You all are celebrated big

Sisé is a classic masterpiece folk song that encourages all listeners, particularly the Nigerian youths to work hard and work smart, emphasizing that hard-work pays off in the end. The song further admonishes all and sundry to avoid unproductive competition amongst human beings as we are supposed to make ourselves our own competition, honing your skill, making yourself better and doing far greater than you did yesterday!

Sisé is a timely and strategic response to the moral decadence of ritual killing, cybercrime and insecurity that has overwhelmed our society.
THETIMO really hopes that the whole world would receive this sound and make better choices, henceforth.



You are a light

Shine your light
Fan your flame
Up your game
Ditch the shame
Live up to yourself

Isé loògùn ìsé
Isé loògùn ìsé
Isé loògùn ìsé, Sisé

Isé loògùn ìsé
Isé loògùn ìsé
Isé loògùn ìsé, Sisé

Isé loògùn ìsé
Isé loògùn ìsé
Isé loògùn ìsé, Sisé

Isé loògùn ìsé
Isé loògùn ìsé
Isé loògùn ìsé, Sisé

oh oh oh oh

Sisé Sisé Sisé Sisé (Work, Work…)

Eni l’eti kogbo (He that has ears should listen)
Eni l’okan ko gba o (He that has heart should understand)

Work hard
Yes sir eh eh

Written by THETIMO

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