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To Thank Or Not To Thank: OAP ‘MC Spinosky’ Comments on Gov. Udom’s 8 Years Reign and Promises not Kept to Entertainers ….

Famous OAP MC Spinosky has come forth via his social media account to express feelings over the entertainers gratitude event hosted in honour of the outgoing State Governor Mr Udom Emmanuel…

In a publication he tagged UDOM: TO THANK OR NOT TO THANK the ace broadcaster communicated his disappointments in the Government over failed promises to entertainers and it read thus:…

“Allow me to firstly apologize to my friend Emma Akpabio and big brother Utang Akwa Ibom for not turning up this evening for “Yak Ikom Udom” … I want to be able to continue to stand tall and speak from my conscience.


My conscience advises that I should “align” with events that I will be proud of, and speak for even OFF STAGE… And “Gratitude” is one thing majority of the entertainment industry cannot wholeheartedly give to His Excellency, the Governor.


I appeal that even proponents of gratitude read, and digest without sentiment; THE FACTS.

Real successes recorded in the Entertainment Space have been MOSTLY INDIVIDUAL.

Could this have been different? YES; If promises to the Industry had been kept.


1. The Promised Entertainment Village: Not Done… If It were, maybe Hilda Baci would have had a venue IN AKWA IBOM that could have been set up for her Record-Breaking feat …

Music Artistes could have had perfection achieved in audio and video production – TO STANDARD

Let’s Not Even Talk Movies… High-tech equipment and ALL

2. Hundreds of Artistes Filled Forms for a Database of Entertainers hoping on The Promise for Grants and Loans to push their Crafts and Businesses – Not Seen, and Not Done.

3. We hold lots of events in Akwa Ibom, and pay professional fees (maybe with a little bit of concession) but stil cannot do same for an average “indigenous” artiste… Say Hello to Terry G, and others who have come in the past…

FACT: A few entertainers have enjoyed largesse of His Excellency.(Can we mention more than 15, after 8 years?)… How has this spread to boost the growth of our industry??

So, I decided to stand down from today’s event because I have not heard of payment officially… I was just asked to come and MC, and I do not have palatable memories.

Artistes are supposed to be EXCITED FINANCIALLY when they go out to ply their crafts ESPECIALLY in “government” events… I do not see that happening today.

Inasmuch as I believe that better days are ahead… Plans and Promises MUST be followed else “we go still dey carry last.”

On a whole… after touring the 31 LGAs of Akwa Ibom in 2 elections for His Excellency… And giving my quota in supporting lots of artistes and pushing their growth, I feel much more is achievable if we do the right things…

QUESTION: We could build a Worship Centre in a few years… Why couldn’t we build a SOLID FOUNDATION for the Entertainment Industry??

Its beyond “slots” and “appointments” please …

Meanwhile, Congrats to Entertainers who will continue to smile in public, and grumble in private… Big Ups to You

Congratulobia to His Excellency, Udom Emmanuel for completion of tenure… But, Entertainers want MORE…

We still have a FEW DAYS to “show working””…


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