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Kwayku feat Strongman

UK Based Ghanaian Rapper Kwayku features Strongman on ‘The intro’ (Official Video)

UK Based Ghanaian rapper Kwayku has joined forces with Ghanaian Rap act Strongman for a new Hip Hop banger and visuals titled” The Intro”. The Song Was mixed by Possigee.

Stream Intro by Kwayku featuring Strongman –

The song talks about the struggles they’ve gone through but still keeping their heads up and making bigger moves.

Kwayku is a Ghanaian hip hop/rap musician presently residing in the UK. He was born in Ghana and raised in Italy.

The fast-rising rapper developed his clever
thoughts and unique perspective on music while growing up by taking inspiration from artists like Jay Z, Sarkodie, Eminem, and other famous rappers.

Kwayku, who left Ghana when he was three years old and has spent practically his entire life in Italy, relocated to base in the UK as soon as covid became popular.

He has grown to adore rap music, and his enthusiasm for creating music has reached its pinnacle. In order to stand out in what he does and for people to adore him and what he does, the young rapper created a brand for himself that will be appealing to the globe.

The young talented rapper decided to wear a mask to portray himself to the world. This way, he can still live his life freely. He made this decision so he can lead a normal life without being recognized as the superhero he is known as.

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