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Uyo #Top10 ThrowBack Jamz

Before the mass migration to Lagos, these boiz where actually very famous and killing every show in town back in the days and winning crowd love.

10. M-Zee – Tomba

mzee 1

Mzee is one artist that has put in the work against all odds, surviving the harsh phase of south entertainment.

Lately he returned from service and we’re yet to here something new from the Ebariba commander

09. Yes Sir No Sir (Banky W’s Yes No cover)

Oga Sir

This caption may not be quite familiar to you but in one occasion or the other you don follow para “hatchacha!” Shebi? Even those that doesn’t know his name know’s that signature.
Oga Sir claim the no.9th spot but is yet to drop something influential since then.

08. Pastor Goody Goody – Legend.

Screenshot 405

The first time you see this brother would likely be in a song with 2face Idibia,
with no disputation he himself is a legend in the making Pastor Goody Goody dropped “use my story” lately but we all can agree “Legend” is still our favourite for now.

07. Sugar – Cane Boy

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The illest bad man, a former member of “confidential crew” former member of the south side swagallonians and a Current “Idiok aboi nation” member came in strong and has been growing in strength with the release of “Drama” , “you suppose to know” and other vibes off the shores of uyo.

06. Sagas – Form Hip Hop

15875271 1144125849040602 5837233875300198695 o

We all know Eyen Obong Owo is been one guy that’s been around and heard far and wide…
At the moment the Sagas is up to big things touring Ghana and playing top shows across the country, although it started with the “Uyo” jam,
“form hip hop” really took his career to the next level.

05. Leki – Advice

music leki advice 101

“Don’t come back here with a grand child Ernest…”

What more should I tell y’all, Leki this Leki that at least 30% of music fans most have mistaken that song to belong to Tubaba however our own Leki became super famous and the song wasn’t even a dance track…😂

04. Zillions – Nsa Isong🔥🔥

15936477 1144127609040426 7396549385493531176 o

This song needs no introduction. The number one don pay money Capone on the microphone. Lyrical akangkang. The one that proved to the rest the Ibibio rap is not just possible but a very catchy brand.
Zillions claims the 04 spot with his evergreen hit .


15940726 1144128779040309 1612521672854430703 n

“The microphone papa na only me wey dey make de flow…” Na soooo. From his very first jam “Itibeke” de boi’s been on flames. One of the most successful at the moment so much hit to his credits.
Ikpa Udoh is our man for No.3

Download – Ame Anwod


2. J-Boy – Do You Wrong Rmx.

15894391 1144130032373517 196323157030827721 n

Whatever happened to J.boy and C.Baba after this song we can’t tell but every average Nigerian back then could sing “baby pls forgive me if I do u wrong…”
The song was produced by Samklef and was the biggest hit of that time.

01. Otyno – TakeOver ⚡⚡

15825920 1144131135706740 1262846918654021264 n

Whether you listen to songs oh, whether u had radio or not, whether you where using Nokia torchlight. Every Nigerian alive at that time heard “Otyno na my name” that
song should be credited for everything Otyno is today. It was indeed a take over and that remains top of the chain for all time till date. #DopeRated

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