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Video: Inusa Dawuda – Waka Waka Day & Night

Inusa Dawuda is as entertaining to watch as he is to listen to! The Ghanaian-born Germany-based singer-songwriter and saxophonist, showcases his flair for performance in the uplifting remix of ‘Waka Waka Day & Night,’ as reimagined by frequent collaborator and friend Ben Neeson. The video, directed by Jannik-Schmoller, captures the thrill of a live show and is a breath of fresh air, thanks to Ben Neeson’s touch. Listen here:
Inusa LC32

The result is an exhilarating Future House anthem that keeps the fire of the original, a song that is a part of the acclaimed saxophonist’s new 10-track album ‘Waka Waka.’ Whether he’s dancing on rooftops or rocking neon-lit pubs with his fun energy, one thing is sure: Inusa’s charisma and rousing message will lift your spirits. Inusa Dawuda and Ben Neeson may be from different corners of the globe, but their shared passion for music transcends geographical barriers. The two have formed a strong bond of friendship over the years that has produced catchy collaborations.

Speaking on their relationship in and out of the studio, Inusa said: “Ben is no stranger to remixing songs of mine. Our professional relationship has been fruitful, as we have collaborated on previous tracks such as ‘Give Me Sunshine,’ ‘Happy Love,’ ‘Sweet Melody,’ and ‘Feels Like.’ This remix was another opportunity to showcase his amazing skill to the world and celebrate this amazing journey called life with a true friend.”

Ben Neeson is a rising star in the Electro-Pop scene who hails from the scenic French Rivera in Nice, France. His recent releases, including his captivating remixes of Billy Ocean’s ‘Caribbean Queen’ and M People’s ‘Moving On Up’ have garnered significant acclaim and success in Europe this year, positioning him as one to watch.

‘Waka Waka Day & Night (Ben Neeson Remix)’ is here to make your week unforgettable. Don’t miss the chance to sway along with the best as you get lost in a world beaming with positivity.


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